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Bruce Music

New Pianos for Sale in Edmond, Oklahoma

Family owned and operated Bruce Music offers fine quality new, rebuilt and pre-owned pianos as well as musical instruments.  Bruce Music is located in Edmond Oklahoma and provides expert piano and musical instrument repair, tuning, restoration, moving and climate controlled storage.

Bruce Music - ” Continuing a family tradition of quality customer service since 1979!”


$19988 $11900

Founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1862, by music teacher Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, the Baldwin Piano Company has long been admired and respected for it’s quality and craftsmanship as well as a number one piano choice for performing…


At one time, the Baldwin Hamilton Studio piano was the number one choice of public schools and universities across the United States. Here we have one of the last Hamilton’s to be built in the…


If you want to bring the rich sound of an orchestra hall into your home, the Bechstein semi-concert grand piano for sale in our Oklahoma City showroom will do just that. This 126 year old…

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Thanks to him, my spinet will now serve a third generation. Merle Gatewood