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Types of Upright Pianos

If you don’t know much about types of upright pianos, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Some are bigger than others, but what does that actually mean? We’ve written a guide to understanding upright pianos. This guide covers virtually any … Continue reading

Digital Pianos vs Acoustic Pianos

When you’re buying your first piano, one of the first choices you’re going to face is whether to buy a digital or acoustic piano. I’m going to let you know right away that, while we do sell both types, I’m … Continue reading

The Parent’s Guide to Buying a Piano

What makes a beginner piano “good” for your little one? It’s a question that confuses a lot of parents, so we’ve made this guide to help you out. For many parents, buying a piano involves many questions. Can I afford a … Continue reading

Restringing and Repinning Your Piano

A piano needs tight tuning pins and good strings to play consistently. After many years of play, tuning pins become loose and start slipping. Strings begin to deteriorate. As a result, your piano can’t keep a tune and some of … Continue reading

Grand Piano Pinblock Replacement

For your piano to stay in tune, its stings have to be held with just the right amount of tension. That tension is held by the tuning pins. And if they aren’t up to the task, the piano will never … Continue reading

Grand Piano Regulation

The expressiveness in piano music comes from your ability to reach both the softest pianissimo and loudest double forte. A well-regulated piano allows you to have that touch consistently across the keyboard. A piano can lose regulation, and in this … Continue reading

Replacing Keypins

What are keypins? Each key on the piano has two pins – the front rail pin and the balance rail pin. Both keypins keep the key in its  proper position as it rocks back and forth when a note is … Continue reading

Polishing Imitation Ivory Keytops

Each time you play the piano, your skin’s oil and other grit that may be on your hands gets ground into the keytops. If you’ve been playing your piano for decades on end, you may take a close look at … Continue reading

Replacing Bass Strings

One of the best qualities of a good piano is a rich, resonant bass. Over the years, your piano’s bass strings deteriorate, and so does that beautiful bass tone. Here’s a bit more information about bass strings, and what replacing … Continue reading

New Instrument: The Oldenburg Student Violin

For a while now, we’ve been offering band instrument rental for music students in Oklahoma and beyond. We’ve added a new instrument to our inventory – the Oldenburg student violin. This is a quality violin with D’Addario Prelude strings that … Continue reading

Why You Should Clean the Space Beneath Your Keyboard

When you think of unsanitary places or objects in your home, your piano probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Maybe you should have a look under your keyboard. The space under the keys of your piano is … Continue reading

Rebushing Keys

What are key bushings? Key bushings are felt parts at the inside end of a piano’s keys that keep the keysticks from rattling against the keypins. Think of key bushings like piston rings in an engine. Without piston rings, the … Continue reading

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