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Hammer Filing

We aren’t talking about putting hammers in drawers. In this look at the anatomy of a piano, we’ll look at filing down the felt heads of your piano’s hammers, a repair that is common with pianos that have seen years of play. … Continue reading

Piano bridle strap replacement

This post is the first of a series in which we’ll discuss the anatomy of the piano. You’ll learn about different parts of the instrument, how they break and how we repair them when we fix or rebuild it. Our … Continue reading

Viewing Chinese pianos in a new light

After trying out several of our grand pianos, my customers’ young daughter had settled on a Hallet, Davis & Co. grand piano. It was within their budget and sounded beautiful, but there was a problem. They found out that it … Continue reading

5 musical Christmas gift ideas

Toys come and go, and when given as gifts may end up in the toy box and quickly forgotten. By the time they’re remembered we’ve outgrown them. Yet not matter how old you get, you can always pick up a … Continue reading

A Bigger Inventory than Ever Before

We’ve grown quite a bit since the days of restoring pianos in a rent house. And this month, we’ve achieved a bigger inventory than ever before. Bruce Piano recently bought out a competitor’s inventory. That means that we’re bringing our … Continue reading

George Steck Parlor Grand Rebuild

Even with as many rebuilds and restorations we have done, it is always a big honor to be selected to rebuild a family heirloom.  This piano had been in this Oklahoma City’s family for decades.  We we able to use … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Music Training

Making sure young brains get the benefits of music training The percentage of students receiving music education has been in decline for decades. The Harmony Project, a music program for inner city kids in Los Angeles partners with a neurobiologist … Continue reading

A Piano With A Mind Of Its Own….

Here is an adorable little video of how a simple piano portrays day to day activities in a local Amtrak Station.  This shows just how versatile the acoustic grand piano really can be. Sometimes in life’s hectic daily activities, it … Continue reading

Is It A Piano Or A P.S.O.?

By: S.W. Seeds There have been many times I have encountered someone boasting of finding an unbelievably inexpensive piano. Usually this resulted in a purchase that was seemingly too good to be true. The first question that always comes to mind … Continue reading

Edmond Jazz & Blues Festival Is Coming Soon

One of my favorite times of the year is the Edmond Jazz and Blues festival in the heart of Edmond. It is always a free event, and is a time I get to see other friends, family, clients, and fellow … Continue reading

A really well done “piano parts ballet”

Found this really interesting video on piano parts “dancing” together. I would be interested to know how they did this without working the keys?? The video is called the “The Secret Life Of Pianos” Enjoy!

How to Refinish Piano Pedals

Our restoration & refinishing tech Brad Broomfield takes you through step by step process on how to refinish old and dirty brass piano pedals. Learn how to make piano pedals look brand new again!

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