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New Instrument: The Oldenburg Student Violin

For a while now, we’ve been offering band instrument rental for music students in Oklahoma and beyond. We’ve added a new instrument to our inventory – the Oldenburg student violin. This is a quality violin with D’Addario Prelude strings that you can rent-to-own, and it comes with bow and case. You can take it home for $29 per month.Oldenburg Student Violin

Rent to own this voilin today!

Here are the specifications for the Oldenburg:

  • Properly fitted ebony pegs for tuning ease.
  • Ebony nut and fingerboard for durability and wear resistance.
  • Properly contoured fingerboard for easy note articulation.
  • Select, seasoned tonewoods for stability and tone.
  • Well-fitted maple bridge for superior sound.
  • Carbon composite tailpiece with built-in tuners for ease of tuning.
  • Shaped case with zippered cover and covered accessory compartment.
  • Wood bow with horsehair and rosin.
  • Quality D’Addario Prelude steel core strings.

Rent to own this voilin today!



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