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Green Piano Removal in the Oklahoma City Metro

Sometimes older pianos just get to the point where it is too expensive to repair or the client just does not want to spend the money to have it rebuilt or refurbished. When this happens, we have a program with a local recycling company.

We come to your home (anywhere in the Oklahoma City metro) for piano removal, take it back to our shop, disassemble it completely, sort all the materials, and the company sends a dump truck and we send the parts off to be recycled! We find this to be a much better alternative than just putting it in a landfill. Also, even older pianos still hold several tons of tension and if the piano is not disposed of properly you could injure yourself trying to take it apart.  We now offer a safe and “green” alternative!

Upright Removal: $300.00

Grand Removal: $350.00

Prices are subject to change if piano removal conditions are outside normal difficulty (multiple stairs, no concrete, steep driveways ect).

Get this piano outta here!

Jordan went to great lengths to explain the details of their Green Piano Removal service. It’s obvious that he cares about his work and the service that he provides. I highly recommend Jordan and his family's business. JP Armstrong
Oklahoma City, OK
Technical Writer, Musician