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Polishing Imitation Ivory Keytops

Each time you play the piano, your skin’s oil and other grit that may be on your hands gets ground into the keytops.

If you’ve been playing your piano for decades on end, you may take a close look at the keys and realize that they could use a makeover. Fortunately, polishing that layer of grime off of your imitation ivory imitation-ivory-keytops-2keytops is a simple operation for a skilled piano tech.

How do you polish imitation ivory?

The process begins with sanding. In order to get the dirt off of the keys, we remove them and sand them using very fine grades of wet/dry paper, down to 2500 grit. Simple enough, but getting each key properly sanded is a painstaking process.

Next, we buff the keytops using a special polish and a soft cotton buffing wheel at low speed. When this is complete, you’ve got set of silky-smooth keytops. A good polishing restores that inviting sheen that your keytops had when the piano was new.

p your keytops need polishing? Call Bruce Piano at 405-749-3540 or request service online. We look forward to improving the looks of your piano.

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