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Piano Rental Program Information

Piano Rental Process:
1: Find your perfect piano
2: Click the ‘Rent It’ button
3. Complete the rental application

Our rental pianos have a one time set up fee when they are delivered to your home and tuned.  Uprights are $100.00 and grands are $200.00.  This fee will be invoiced separately of your monthly rental fees.  There is no fee to pick up the piano if you should decide to stop renting after the initial year.  All rental contracts are for a minimum of one year, and after that point switch to a month to month basis.

The pianos in our program are always maintenance free.  In the unlikely event there is a mechanical problem between tunings  we will come out and repair it free of charge.  We also include one annual tuning with the cost of your rental fees.

Check out our Piano Rental Terms Contract.

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Our standard five year warranty does not start on the instrument unless you decide to purchase.  You may purchase the piano at any time and there is no penalty.  The interest accumulated to that point will be added along with sales tax to provide your total amount due.

If you decide to return the piano, we request a minimum of two weeks notice to schedule the pick up. After the piano is picked up there will be nothing else owed. Renter is responsible for any damages that may occur while they have the piano in their possession above regular wear and tear.

This program is only available for clients within 30 miles of our location (some special considerations can be made, please contact us for further information). If you have to relocate out of this area while renting the piano, we ask that you either purchase the piano or return it.  All payments will be collected with a major debit or credit card of your choice which will be set up on auto withdraw.  All late payments are issued a $30.00 late fee.  Any rental pianos over 30 days late will be picked up by Bruce Piano Service at any time.  Any payments over 45 days will be picked up by an outside collection agency and the full balance of the purchase price of the piano will be due.

He really knows pianos, and we trust his work. Bryan Dahlvang
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