Tuning Testimonial

A few years ago, one of the most talented and respected pianist I know gave me the name of Jordan Bruce as someone who could tune my spinet piano on which my sister and I had learned as children to play over 50 years ago.  I contacted him and Jordan tuned my piano for a few years  until I recently decided to replace it with a baby grand.  Naturally, I went to Jordan to begin my search for just the right piano to replace the treasured piano that would be moved to Georgia to my sister’s home.  Jordan provided the information and guidance I needed to choose a baby grand piano that met all the expectations I had for a wonderful instrument.  I passed up a few pianos from other sources only for the reason I wanted to work with Jordan and appreciated the personalized, helpful and reliable service Jordan provides. He is very service-oriented, friendly and knowledgeable. My sister and I rented a trailer in which to transfer the childhood piano to Georgia, and Jordan offered to load and tie down the piano for it’s long journey.  He brought blankets and straps and worked with the trailer and it was tricky because there were not very many good places to hook on straps. So, it took some creativity on Jordan’s part to achieve a thorough job.  My sister was so impressed and said, “They are not just loading and tying it down.  They are  actually packing the piano.”  It made us feel very grateful to see the care Jordan and his assistant took with our piano that had more sentimental value than monetary value.   He did all that at no extra cost to us.  The piano arrived safe and sound without a scratch. A few days later he delivered my new Yamaha G2 and I am very pleased  to recommend Jordan Bruce to anyone needing piano service of any kind.  I was very fortunate to have such professional advice and guidance in selecting an instrument. I am very happy to say is  perfectly suited for what we wanted.  I love it!!  Thank you Jordan!!

Ginger Roberts
Guthrie, Oklahoma

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